REACH Resources

Podcast: Tom Bandy and cultural theology

Demographics expert, church consultant and author Tom Bandy gives us the latest scoop on Mission Impact v3.0. He also talks about the difference between strategic planning and strategic thinking. (And why strategic thinking moves us forward.)

Podcast: Christian Coon on failure being a good thing

Fundraising flop? Service slump? Vocational vacillation? Christian Coon knows how you feel. We talked with him about getting beyond the pit of despair that comes after a fail.

Coon is the co-founder and lead pastor at Urban Village Church in Chicago and author of Failing Boldly: How Falling Down in Ministry Can Be the Start of Rising Up (2017).

Podcast: A ‘Fresh Expression’ of church with Kris Beckert

Church on the Run, Church in a Fishing Boat, Church at the Burrito Joint … the list goes on. Pastor Kris Beckert, trainer and missions strategist with Fresh Expressions, is convinced church can happen wherever the people are. 

Beckert shares practical suggestions and ideas about forming the relationships that help us spread the good news. 

Podcast: Tim Otto and the importance of having dinner together

Pastor Tim Otto’s church doesn’t look like many others. At the Church of the Sojourners in San Francisco, everyone recreates on Sunday mornings. Worship happens most Sunday nights. No one works more than 32 hours a week; everyone shares money. The most important meeting? Dinner. What could traditional churches learn from this more intimate setting?

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