REACH Summit


To participate in the 2021 REACH Summit, all you need is a computer and internet access. After you register, you’ll receive a link with directions, so you’ll know what to do, and when.



7:00 - Welcome and Worship

7:30 - Introductions/ Workshop

8:45 - Closing



9:00 Welcome and Worship

9:15 Keynote - Nona Jones

10:00 Break

10:10 Network Group Highlights

10:30 Break

10:40 Nona Jones Questions & Answers

11:40 Lunch

12:20 Workshops

1:30 All Done!

Saturday's REACH Summit Conference has limited seating for a live studio audience* at Sycamore Creek Church in Lansing, Michigan.  Register soon for a chance to be there!

*Limited to 50 participants

Friday Night: Justice and Evangelism Live Interactive Workshop

Rachel Gilmore, Missional Consultant and spiritual entrepreneur at Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix. A church planter, she was most recently Director of Recruiting, Assessing and Training Community Engagement and Church Planting at Path 1/Discipleship Ministries for the UMC. She is a graduate of Duke Divinity School and was a planting pastor at The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC in Virginia Beach, Va.

Paul Nixon, CEO of Epicenter Group. Paul  is the author of 11 books on Christian leadership in a fast-changing age, including I Refuse to Lead A Dying Church and Weird Church.  He has coached hundreds of pastors, church planters and Christian leaders across the last two decades in America and the UK in multiple Christian denominations.

Exploring why justice work and evangelism are intertwined, especially in reaching younger generations; the theological basis for connecting justice and evangelism; and how to incorporate justice work into worship, community development and social entrepreneurship with examples from across the connection

Saturday Keynote: From Social Media to Social Ministry to Social Justice

Nona Jones, the Head of North America Community Partnerships and Global Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook. She is bestselling author of Success from the Inside Out and From Social Media to Social Ministry. She is also the Founder of Faith & Prejudice, a social justice organization bringing the churches across North America together to dismantle systemic racism

In-person church attendance is declining or plateauing in every nation, so digital discipleship must be a central part of every church’s ministry approach. Also essential? Learning how to bridge racial divides and promote reconciliation. Nona’s keynote will include opportunities for discussion and a Q&A later.


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Growing Online Faith Communities

Cathy Townley
Townley Consulting

Adapting to Reach & Disciple New People in this Post Pandemic Environment

Debi Nixon
Church of the Resurrection Executive Director of Donor Development

Structured to Thrive

Gary Step

Michigan Conference Associate Director
Of Church Vibrancy

 Lay Leadership in a “Both/And” Church

Laura Witkowski
Michigan Conference Associate Director
Lay & Leadership Development

Leading in this Post-Pandemic Era

Dirk Elliott
Michigan Conference Director of Church Vibrancy