REACH Summit Workshops 2021

There’s something for everyone at this year’s REACH Summit

REACH Summit 2021 is online! Your church will be able to select from the largest, most diverse set of workshops ever available at a REACH Summit in breakout workshops.

Here’s a quick look at the different breakout groups to choose from:

The Path to More Compelling Online Content

Mark Doyal, Director of Communication for the Michigan Conference

One lasting cultural shift created by the pandemic is the move to intentional online worship. As churches now  fully open their doors to in-person worship, some members will continue to prefer worshipping online. This  trend is expected only to continue to grow. For ministries to grow with this trend, the ability to produce  compelling online worship content is essential.  


Leading in this Post-Pandemic Era

Rev. Dirk Elliott, Director of Congregational Vibrancy for the Michigan Conference.

Over the past year and a half, we have had to pivot and change many of the ways we “do church.”  To keep up with the changes, we need to Rethink Leadership: how we lead worship, small groups, house churches, faith formation, missions, youth and children’s ministry, and so much more.  Come explore new ways of leading and being church.

Lay Leadership in a Both/And Church

Laura Witkowski, Associate Director of Lay Leadership Development for the Michigan Conference

Church leadership looks different than it did 20 years ago, and it will look different 5 years from today. Explore what lay leadership means in the 21st Century Church, the church of today and the church of tomorrow. 

Growing Online Faith Communities

Cathy Townley, Coach, Consultant, and Owner of Townley Coaching 

Relaunching Post COVID is NOT like it was pre-COVID! Leaders and Members are tired!  Create Synergy between on and offline. Entwine the worship order, website, social media. Help people serve in their own locations. Create Online Community

Structured to Thrive

Gary Step, Associate Director of Congregational Vibrancy for the Michigan Conference

In the typical church structure is driving the mission of the church rather than the mission driving the structure. The structure is literally running the church! When this occurs we are not able to accomplish the mission Jesus intended for us. We get bogged down with “this is the way we have always done things”.  While a simplified, accountable structure is not the answer to church transformation, it does create an opportunity for transformation to occur. In my experience churches moving to this model begin to shift their conversation to the mission, they release more people into ministry, and in turn this creates momentum towards fruitful and vital ministry. Come to this workshop and learn why your current structure is holding you back from accomplishing the Mission you were called to do!   

Adapting to Reach and Disciple New People in this Post Pandemic Environment

Debi Nixon, Church of the Resurrection Executive Director of Donor Development, Author of The Art of Hospitality.

Explore some of the pivotal practices Church of the Resurrection, a large UMC in the Kansas City area, had to adapt to reach new people, build community, and provide discipleship opportunities in relevant ways in this post-pandemic ministry environment.

Growing Young

Lisa Batten, Coordinator of Young Adult Initiatives for the Michigan Conference

Eight essential strategies to help young people discover and love your church.

This workshop will share a brief overview of the work from the Fuller Institutes Growing Young research as presented in the book by Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin. Participants will be invited to observe their church from a "young people's perspective" and begin to recognize one step they can take toward growing their church young.