REACH Network Groups

Let's grow together!

Following the annual REACH Summit, you are invited to join a REACH GROUP.  Each small group allows pastors and church leaders to dive more deeply into a specific area.  The groups offer feedback and support, information and accountability. 

For 2021 the groups will be offered in three levels, based on experience required, depth, and subject manner.

Click on the links below to learn more about each network group and decide which one is right for you!

100 Level Network Groups:  Building a Foundation

Church Unique 
with Gary Step


REACH Children 
with Kathy Pittenger

REACH Youth 
with Christy Miller White

REACH Hospitality 
with Abby Young

200 Level Network Groups: Growing Your Church

Brad Kalajainen

REACH Cultural Vibrancy
with Brittney Stephan

REACH Laity Leadership 
with Laura Witkowski

REACH Growing Young 
with Lisa Batten and Christy Miller White

300 Level Network Groups: Multiplying Your Church


REACH Fresh Expressions 
with Dirk Elliott