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Podcast: Audrey Warren and having church in a bar, at the golf course …

Rev. Dr. Audrey B. Warren wrote the book on Fresh Expressions (literally). Our interview with the senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of Miami covers a lot about Fresh Expressions, particularly in her native Florida. Basically, if you can dream up a place where two or three can gather and have a meal, a drink, or share a hobby, envisioning a Fresh Expression isn’t far off. 

Podcast: What’s the global church have to do with us?

How might congregations look for the world through their local churches? The Rev. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai, chief connectional ministries officer for the Connectional Table of the United Methodist Church, talks adaptive leadership and the global church on our podcast this month with Reach’s Tom Arthur. 

Listen to the interview with Dr. Bigham-Tsai to hear more about the Connectional Table (hint: you won’t find it at IKEA) and what the reverend says local churches can learn from the global UMC.

Podcast: Rhythms of rest and stress in your life

This month’s podcast is a conversation I had with Noel Jesse Heikkinen, pastor of Riverview Church, a large multi-site church in the Lansing region. Noel and I happened to be on sabbatical during the same summer. When I had my first District Superintendent introductory meeting with the leadership of Sycamore Creek nine years ago, I negotiated that we’d plan for a sabbatical sometime near year seven. While my sabbatical had been planned from day one, Noel was told to go on sabbatical by his elder board just weeks before his sabbatical started. 

Both of our sabbaticals afforded us what I like to call “balcony time.” 

Podcast: Tim Otto and the importance of having dinner together

Pastor Tim Otto’s church doesn’t look like many others. At the Church of the Sojourners in San Francisco, everyone recreates on Sunday mornings. Worship happens most Sunday nights. No one works more than 32 hours a week; everyone shares money. The most important meeting? Dinner. What could traditional churches learn from this more intimate setting?

Podcast: New Life pastor talks about maintaining the vision

New Life Church is a multisite church based in Chicago — and if you’re familiar with the concept, chances are you’ve heard about its successes. Twenty-some locations; forty-some worship services. How does the team make that work? 

New Life Lead Pastor Mark Jobe talks with Reach Resources about the church’s reach and vision.

Podcast: A ‘Fresh Expression’ of church with Kris Beckert

Church on the Run, Church in a Fishing Boat, Church at the Burrito Joint … the list goes on. Pastor Kris Beckert, trainer and missions strategist with Fresh Expressions, is convinced church can happen wherever the people are. 

Beckert shares practical suggestions and ideas about forming the relationships that help us spread the good news. 

Podcast: Christian Coon on failure being a good thing

Fundraising flop? Service slump? Vocational vacillation? Christian Coon knows how you feel. We talked with him about getting beyond the pit of despair that comes after a fail.

Coon is the co-founder and lead pastor at Urban Village Church in Chicago and author of Failing Boldly: How Falling Down in Ministry Can Be the Start of Rising Up (2017).

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